[vlc-devel] VLM streaming internals?

jmzorko at mac.com jmzorko at mac.com
Sat Jan 14 00:08:55 CET 2006

Hello, all ...

I'm about to look at the source for this, but i'm wondering how VLM  
is implemented in VLC from the perspective of reader / streamer  
threads.  Does VLM instantiate a "mini-VLC" (that being, input  
thread, demuxer, remuxer, output thread) for every channel defined in  
the config file, or does it amalgamate all read operations on all  
channels on one thread, and all write / stream operations for all  
channels on another?

I'm mainly interested in how a VLM streaming n broadcast channels  
compares to n instances of VLC each streaming a channel, from the  
perspective of disk usage / contention.



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