[vlc-devel] trying to compile VLC under Cygwin -- libiconv?

jmzorko at mac.com jmzorko at mac.com
Wed Jan 18 03:44:27 CET 2006

Hello, all ...

Following the instructions for building VLC 0.8.4a (unchanged) on  
Windows boxes, I installed the packages referenced (BTW, the list at  
the end of those instructions is old and no longer exactly matches  
what is available under Cygwin now).  Anyway, after running  
bootstrap, I ran configure with the options specified in the  
instructions, and it's coming back with "error: libiconv is needed  
for VLC to work properly."  The thing is, libiconv is installed --  
the Cygwin setup program shows it (in the Curr list as "Keep" at  

Has anyone any ideas of things to try?  I can compile on OSX Tiger  
with no problem, but I need to be able to do so on a Windows box as  



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