[vlc-devel] Hiring a VLC developper

Mathieu Luquet mat at sekwa7prod.com
Wed Jan 18 15:22:41 CET 2006


I'm "sekwamat" who posted on VLC forum about hiring a VLC developper.
Why this question? Because we may look for someone, within the next few 
month, able to deal with and develop different work :
- Streaming
- H264 encoding
- Live and On Demand broadcast
- player integration
- streaming security

The goal is to work on a high quality video offer on the internet.
My company is located in france and produce the website : www.one4one.tv 
designed to broadcast paintball videos and live paintball events, you 
can take a look at it.

We are also about to create a new structure soon, that's why I wanted to 
contact you guys first, mainly because I like what you do with VLC.
So I need some information either on the kind of work you guys could do 
and of course I' m looking for salary information.
You can come back to me whenever you want, in english or french, if you 
have more specific questions I'll be happy to answer it.

Thanks in advance

Best regards,

Mathieu Luquet
Sekwa7prod Co.
+33 (0)6 75 49 70 36
mat at sekwa7prod.com

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