[vlc-devel] Re: conclusion on input callback

Vaclav Koldus vaclav.koldus at avpark.cz
Thu Jan 19 15:42:49 CET 2006

Clément Stenac napsal(a):

>You'll probably discover that this only works if all your videos use the
>same parameters (mainly width/height, but also chroma, aspect ratios,
>The reason if that if the next playlist item has the same video
>properties, the video output is reused, so it is not killed, and neither
>is your filter.
>But anyway, if the vout is recreated, your filter will be too and you just
>have to get the name in the init of the filter, in this case, so.
>So you have to do both
>1/ In init, initialize the name using the parent input_thread
>2/ React to playlist-current callback to keep it updated
Thanks for warning. Anyway this can never happen to me cause all video 
files I broadcast are in PAL format
in one DV/Avi format from one DV encoder. I need seamless output so this 
is the only way to reach it.
I noticed this (what you write about) when I was playing with mixed 
DV/Mpeg playlist.
It makes awfull blackouts between files in different format, because all 
the filters and output are
recreated. I hope I'll avoid this by using VLM/mosaic in the future.

In fact I'll have to do both what you've written anyway, because just 
after creating the filter the callback
function isn't called, which means I can't react on the name of  first 
file in playlist. By initializing the name
in init I'll solve this and it will work when the filter recreates.

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