[vlc-devel] vlc: svn commit r13976 (dionoea)

Subversion daemon svn at videolan.org
Sun Jan 22 02:38:29 CET 2006

r13976 | dionoea | 2006-01-22 02:38:28 +0100 (Sun, 22 Jan 2006) | 23 lines
Changed paths:
   A /trunk/share/http/dialogs
   A /trunk/share/http/dialogs/.hosts
   A /trunk/share/http/dialogs/browse
   A /trunk/share/http/dialogs/footer
   A /trunk/share/http/dialogs/input
   A /trunk/share/http/dialogs/main
   A /trunk/share/http/dialogs/mosaic
   A /trunk/share/http/dialogs/playlist
   A /trunk/share/http/dialogs/sout
   A /trunk/share/http/dialogs/vlm
   D /trunk/share/http/functions.js
   M /trunk/share/http/index.html
   A /trunk/share/http/js
   A /trunk/share/http/js/functions.js (from /trunk/share/http/functions.js:13818)
   A /trunk/share/http/js/mosaic.js
   A /trunk/share/http/js/vlm.js
   A /trunk/share/http/mosaic.html
   M /trunk/share/http/requests/browse.xml
   M /trunk/share/http/requests/playlist.xml
   M /trunk/share/http/requests/status.xml
   A /trunk/share/http/requests/vlm.xml
   A /trunk/share/http/requests/vlm_cmd.xml
   M /trunk/share/http/style.css
   A /trunk/share/http/vlm.html

begining of a VLM interface and some code organisations changes. The vlm
interface should be done pretty soon (i'll try to finish it tomorrow)

 vlm.html : vlm web interface. What works: sending broadcast and vod creation

 js/vlm.js : add code to handle sending vlm commands.

 requests/vlm_cmd.xml : used to send a vlm command and get the resulting
                        error message

 requests/vlm.xml : export the full vlm media/schedules "tree". I still need
                    to parse that in js/vlm.js in order to display it in
                    dialogs/vlm .

 dialogs/* : dialogs' code which is used as building blocks for the
             main pages. (in order to avoid code duplication)

 mosaic.html, js/mosaic.js, dialogs/mosaic : start of a mosaic help
            page. nothing works and it's almost empty but i didn't feel like
            sorting through the commited files.

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