[vlc-devel] Problem with video window in linux/x11

Fleu, Thomas Thomas.Fleu at acentic.com
Mon Jan 30 12:12:19 CET 2006


I use vlc to display videos in our own html/flash ui. To control vlc I developed a new interface, which communicates with the ui. So far everything works fine.
Now I need to control the window (move, resize, lower raise), a movie is shown in, also. So I use the window id from the vout object for the appropriate commands (XLowerWindow, XRaiseWindow, XMoveResizeWindow). This also works for a few commands, but after a couple of actions with the movie window, the window freezes, i.e. I can't change it any more and the picture in this window doesn't change any more. However, the movie shown in the window goes on, as I can hear the sound and get the progress messages from vlc.

The system is running on a PC with i845 chipset, Fedora Core 4 and pure XWindows.

When I start vlc directly to show some movieclip, I can change the window by hand as often as I want to without a problem.

Any ideas, about what is happening and why it is happening is appreciated.


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