[vlc-devel] Use of keywords in trac

Clément Stenac zorglub at via.ecp.fr
Mon Jan 30 18:01:24 CET 2006


Trac features a "keyword" field for tickets.

It is not very useful to add some "content" keywords in this field as the
search engine is able to do plain-text search (well, as soon as the fixed
trac version is installed on the server, just a matter of hours).

Instead, we have made a few "standard" keywords to better qualify the
ticket (here too, it might become less useful when trac 1.0 gets out with
the workflow stuff).
At the moment, we are using:

* patch : if the ticket has an attached patch (please attach it directly
using trac's attachement feature)
* unreproducible : if the assignee can't reproduce the faulty behaviour
* help : If you want some help on the ticket, and don't know who to
reassign to

Some special ticket views (see https://trac.videolan.org/vlc/report -
12,13 and 14) use this information to build their list.

Also, when making a ticket that links to a forum posting or a wiki page,
please copy the important parts in the ticket instead of only the link.



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