[vlc-devel] Re: RTP and RTSP suport

Richard S. teetrinker at gmx.de
Sun Jul 16 10:17:06 CEST 2006

Benjamin Pracht schrieb:
> Le samedi 15 juillet 2006 à 19:36 +0200, Toomy a écrit :
>> Hi all
>> U request the support of RTP, RTSP streaming and that it should be added to 
>> VLC. Now I have found http://www.live555.com/mplayer/ project. I know, the 
>> link looks like that it is for mplayer, but on the same page, it describes 
>> that it works wor VLC Player as well. They even prefere VLC player. My 
>> question now is: Do we choose this implementation of the VLC so that we do 
>> not have to write all that code again? Or is it intended to develop that code 
>> from scratch?
> I think this page only describes a way to receive RTSP streams with
> live555, what we already do using this very same library. We would need
> a complete RTSP support as a streamer, nom...
Are there plans to support  H.264 RTP Payload Format(RFC 3984)?  If I am
not wrong, it isn't supported. I wasn't able to create a rtp stream with


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