[vlc-devel] jvlc: svn commit r140 (littlejohn)

Subversion daemon svn at videolan.org
Wed Jul 26 15:47:37 CEST 2006

r140 | littlejohn | 2006-07-26 15:47:20 +0200 (Wed, 26 Jul 2006) | 6 lines
Changed paths:
   M /jvlc-trunk/SWTUglyPlayer.java
   M /jvlc-trunk/SwingClient.java
   M /jvlc-trunk/VLCExample.java
   M /jvlc-trunk/org/videolan/jvlc/AudioIntf.java
   M /jvlc-trunk/org/videolan/jvlc/InputIntf.java
   M /jvlc-trunk/org/videolan/jvlc/JLibVLC.java
   M /jvlc-trunk/org/videolan/jvlc/JVLC.java
   M /jvlc-trunk/org/videolan/jvlc/Playlist.java
   M /jvlc-trunk/org/videolan/jvlc/PlaylistIntf.java
   M /jvlc-trunk/org/videolan/jvlc/VLMIntf.java
   M /jvlc-trunk/org/videolan/jvlc/VideoIntf.java
   M /jvlc-trunk/vlc-libvlc-jni.cc

JVLC APIs update:
 * declare that methods throw VLCException
 * javadocs added in interfaces (org/videolan/jvlc/*Intf.java)

A slight modification on how native handle_exception works.

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