[vlc-devel] Cygwin Segmentation Fault

Danny Brown danbrwn at gmail.com
Thu Jul 27 15:38:41 CEST 2006

Bear with me as this may be long. In trying to debug the latest cygwin
segmentation fault here are some things I noticed; My seg faults keep
occurring in LdrFindResource_U() in ntdll.dll. Stepping thought the
code under gdb I find that is always occurs in a call to
config_duplicate in src/misc/configuration.c . This makes a copy of
the configuration for each plugin. I removed the dll for the plugin
that appeared to be loading / config_duplicating from the directory,
and voila, no more seg fault in that module. But, the next module
appeared to be the source of the seg fault. So , i removed it, guess
what?: the next plugin now appeared as the problem. So, I thought, OK,
the previous module loading / config copying must be the one, so i
removed it. Guess what?:Same thing the next module (by count) became
the source.
So, it appears to me that this may be a case of stack or heap space
availability or something in the load plugins or config_duplicate not
freeing up memory. I tried to find out how to increase these sizes,
but couldn't find out as I am new to the gnu tools. I may be able to
do some more work on this if anyone would like to give me some
guidance. Dan

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