[vlc-devel] patch for rewind and fast-forward vlc-amino streaming

K. Staring QdK at quickdekay.net
Sun Jun 11 22:44:14 CEST 2006


Attatched is a patch against vlc-0.8.5 to enable rewind and fast- 
forward when using an Amino STB and streaming vod with vlc. The patch  
isn't exactly a work of art, but at least it works (up to a point).

When fast-forward or rewind is pressed on the amino remote, the amino  
first pauses the stream, then issues an RTSP PLAY command with a  
Scale: header. The amino expects to receive a stream of "fast- 
forwarded" or "rewinded" data while disabling audio playback. Then,  
when the user presses play on the remote, another PAUSE and PLAY is  
issued with a Scale: value of 1.0 .

The way fast-forward and rewind is implemented in this patch is as  

vlc receives a PLAY request with a Scale: header other than 1.0,  
determines if the value is less or bigger than 0, displaces the  
playing position in the stream by 30 seconds and restarts the stream.  
The downside is that the amino box plays the stream but still has  
audio disabled. The user has to press 'play' on the remote to hear  
audio again.
In other words, far from perfect, but at least it works.. I couldn't  
find a better way to implement this, unfortunately.

Note: this patch includes the patch for vlc-amino made by Rob Casey.

Kind regards,

Khamba Staring

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