[vlc-devel] Re: Problem with an access_demux module

Christophe Démaret cd at cdemaret.com
Sun Jun 11 14:09:15 CEST 2006

Laurent Aimar a écrit :
>  Same thing again, all changes in sys->fmt after es_out_Add are ignored ...

Thanks, fenrir, it worked :)

Unfortunately I still have some issues and I'm sure this because I
missed something in the VLC API once again.

I have cleaned the code to make it more readable.
What I would like to do here is very simple: take the data I've read
from an FPGA into a block as RV24 (RAW RGB 24 bits/pixel) and just send it.

The stream was (hopefully) correctly declared following fenrir's
Now what to I get ?
I cannot display it on the platform it is running on so I've tried to
--sout it into an AVI (only container I found for RV24 content).
For the test, the buffer contains a 32 bits counter so: 00 00 00 00 01
00 00 00 02 00 00 00 etc. Of course after FF 00 00 00 we have 00 01 00
00 (Big Endian is fun).
I know that the data are correctly read (look at the attempt n°1 + The
function I use are well tested).
However when I look into the AVI with an hex editor there is a lot of
garbage (mostly zeros but also somme error messages from VLC etc. Looks
like uninitialized memory)  :-/ do you see any good reason for that ? Is
it normal for an AVI (padding or something) ? Am I sending the packet a
wrong way ?

Anyway the AVI cannot be read: VLC only displays some "middle grey"
(0x808080 in RGB or YUV) :-/ As the TS problem (see after) it looks like
a date problem.

I've patched the ts.c muxer to accept RV24 (attempt 3) but the resulting
data is empty (0 bytes) probably due to:
> [00000159] mux_ts private warning: packet with too strange dts
> (dts=12603000240,old=12583001107,pcr=12583001107)
but although I have looked in the source code I didn't really understood
what's wrong (the "if" is... hmm... no-that-easy to understand :D) Is
this because of my 0.1 FPS frame rate ? The final goal is to stream so
if ts doesn't work... :-/

My main questions are :
1) Are my AVI file completely broken and what is wrong with them ?
2) Is the general structure of my module correct: am I doing was should
be done in the right order ?
3) What is wrong with my DTS/PTS ?

In ftp://ftp2.cdemaret.com/cdemaret/ml I have upload the result of 3
tests with -vvv (the complete command line is on the first line of the log):
1) with MASSIVE_DEBUG enabled and AVI output
2) with MASSIVE_DEBUG disabled and AVI output
3) with MASSIVE_DEBUG disabled and TS output

(the full code is there too)

If someone here could be of any help, I would be very grateful.

Have a nice week end and don't forget to find a gift for father's day.


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