[vlc-devel] Decoder problem

Lukasz Kondrad vlcplayer at gmail.com
Thu Jun 15 11:28:49 CEST 2006

Hello all,

Since my last mail I got no answer so I try again.

I am trying to demux dvbh stream but I don't use the network adapter ( I
know that would be easier but I wanna do it in vlc)
What I do:
 - gather mpe sections  straight from transport stream and extract the ip
 - since I transmit only one ip stream within each is only one rtp audio
session I skip the ip header and based on ports I  switch between rtp and
rtcp packets
 - parse all information from rtp and rtcp header and I have the access unit
frame of mpeg 4 audio

I would like to send the au frames to decoder by es_out_Send( p_demux->out,
p_es, p_block )

however when I initialize the p_es
  es_format_Init( &fmt, AUDIO_ES, VLC_FOURCC('m','p','4','a') );
  fmt.audio.i_channels = 2;
  fmt.audio.i_rate = 48000;
  p_es = es_out_Add( p_demux->out, &fmt )

any new thread (decoder) is not created, and I don't know why. so I don't
know where I send the  frames.
Maybe decoder is open in other way.

Could you help me whit that, I will be very thankful.

Best regards
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