[vlc-devel] Ticket #487: patch

hobophobe adam at diehealthy.org
Tue Jun 20 08:24:48 CEST 2006

This patch implements a prefix and suffix for snapshot filenames. It 
adds two text fields to the preferences under snapshots, one for each. 
It defaults prefix to vlcsnap, and suffix blank.

Filename output where A is prefix, B is suffix:
A & B -> A-number-B.format
A !B -> A-number.format
!A B -> number-B.format
!(A & B) -> number.format

What is the number used there in the filenames, anyway?

In its current form the '-' character is used as separator. This could 
be user-configurable if considered desirable. The text fields for the 
preferences could probably be better. This is the first thing I've 
written in c++.
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