[vlc-devel] udp streaming delay

Julien Le Cléach julien.lecleach-ste-exterieure at fr.thalesgroup.com
Mon Jun 26 08:39:34 CEST 2006

hello vlc,

i request your advice on a certain problem :
when reading a video, i stream it out after having it transcoded (that's
necessary for what i want to do).
when i play it locally, there's a very slight delay (<0.5s). i guess "local
play" in this case takes into account the transcoding i've done before.
when i send it with udp on an other PC (or when i loop on the same PC), the
delay becomes 2s or more.
i have a LAN with 1Gb/s and it is not very used (1%) when i show the
resource meter.

could you tell me the reason for that ?
i don't think i have a problem with the network, so is there something in
vlc code that i could modify in order to reduce this latency ?

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