[vlc-devel] About transcoding and streaming

Nick Nickoo nicknickou2 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 28 15:28:34 CEST 2006

Hello all,
    I am quite new in vlc. I am reading these mailing lists for few days, but i still have two main questions.
    1) I try to extend vlm in order to change on the fly the transcode parameters of a stream. What i did, was adding a new control command in vlm interface, which in fact stops the first stream, resetting the output with the new #transcode{ ...... } parameters, and start again the streaming.
    But this approach has two disadvantages. Firstly it doesn't seem too stable. Sometimes when i change the parameters, the receiver stops playing, either due to TS discontinuity, or ffmpeg warning of damaged header. If i restart the receiver, the stream is normally played, but the point is to keep the "change parameters" procedure as transparent as possible to the receiver. 
    Secondly, even if i want to change only one parameter (i.e. fps) i have to type the whole output format in the change_param command. 
    I tried to search into the vlm.c, stream_output.c, and transcode.c files, but i couldn't find out where the encoder is initialized, in order to call it again from vlm and assign the new parameters. 
    Any help, would be really valuable for me. Is it possible to call some structures that belong to transcode module from the vlm thread? Is the receiver's or the transmitter`s fault that these TS discontinuity or damaged header errors occured?
    2) The second question has to do with the integration of another encoder in Vlc. Is there a how-to, or any starting help, about the way and the steps i have to follow for such a work??
    I use vlc 0.8.5.
    Thank you in advance,
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