[vlc-devel] Patch: DirectShow does not set tuner card input

Patrick Horn patrick.horn at mindspring.com
Sun Mar 5 10:53:43 CET 2006

Currently, my Adaptec Videoh! AVC 2410 card defaults to selecting 
Composite input.

Unfortunately there is no GUI or Command line option to change this setting.

The only available option to change this setting is in the generic 
"Device properties" checkbox under advanced options.
Then, VLC, brings up a series of dialogs that essentially duplicate the 
options you give it.
Finally, it comes up with a dialog that asks you to select the input on 
the card (tuner, composite or s-video).
Once I select the "tuner" option, VLC correctly runs.

I would like to add a few options that control the important input 
selection options, without which, I can not make an automated recording 
script (currently I have to manually select the options each time the 
computer boots, and it stays there until I open another program that 
uses the card)

I attached a clean and simple patch to add four new module options that 
set the crossbar indicies.

--dshow-video-input => p_sys->crossbar_routes[i].VideoInputIndex
--dshow-audio-input => p_sys->crossbar_routes[i].AudioInputIndex
--dshow-video-output => p_sys->crossbar_routes[i].VideoOutputIndex
--dshow-audio-output => p_sys->crossbar_routes[i].AudioOutputIndex

As far as I know, only the first option is absolutely required to get my 
card working, but other people may need other options as well.  It can't 

Although you need to know the index number, it is possible to find the 
correct number by using the GUI method (it lists the number for each 
item), so this method is intended to be used as a default setting or 
from a script.  It is still critical that these options exist so I 
really hope you add it for the next revision.

To patch, go to the directory:
Then patch with:
patch < [PATCHFILE]

Thanks so much for the great media player,
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