[vlc-devel] Re: introducing XSPF support

Clément Stenac zorglub at diwi.org
Tue Mar 7 09:45:44 CET 2006


In one specific "view", a node only has one parent.
I think we should only save one view.

BTW, I intend to simplify this in 0.8.6 by removing this multiple-parent
structure. Each view will have its own complete tree and set of
playlist_item_t. The input_item_t will be shared between the views, and
most of the information that are currently stored in playlist_item_t will
move to input_item_t.

For XPSF support, here is what I think:
* Merge the current code ASAP (once the remaining issues are fixed), but
do not delay test1 for it, which means it goes in between test1 and test2.
Not a big deal as it is a "self-contained" piece of code
* Deal with tree for 0.8.6


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