[vlc-devel] Switching between streams

Patrick Scharrenberg pittipatti at web.de
Tue Mar 7 16:41:20 CET 2006


I have to implement a mechanism to switch between streams on the server-side 
for getting a continuous output-stream.

The switching should be smooth, so I want to wait for an I-frame in the stream 
I want to switch to, and then switch.

I first thought of re-using the mosaic-filter. This works great, but since it 
is a filter, all streams are decoded allready and I don't want to recode the 
Maybe I can re-use the mosaic-bridge in some other way?

I don't know where to implement it. Maybe I can implement this functionality 
as stream-out-module, or has it to be in an earlier position in the 

Would you be so kind and give me some hints where it would be best to 
implement this in VLC?

With kind regards,

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