[vlc-devel] Is there a way to force PES alignment to a TS boundary when Streaming UDP?

Robert Scheffler Bob at pricom.com
Wed Mar 15 01:57:08 CET 2006


I would like to stream a MPEG-2 TS using UDP out of VLC, but force the PES
packets to start at the beginning of a TS packet. Some software or hardware
encoders call this "PES Alignment". Since the TS is 188 bytes per packet,
there can be a bit of inefficiency in doing this alignment, but if the TS is
CBR anyway, the NULL packets are added somewhere, just a matter of forcing
their location. Essentially I want the PUSI completely inside a single TS

The effect of 0.8.4 is that the PES placement is rather random, and drifts
around since normally the TS is demuxed before analysis. I want to parse and
analyze the TS without demuxing it, so finding a PUSI that spans TS packet
boundaries is painful.

This may be a feature of ffmpeg, but I have not checked yet.

Anyone have a suggestion or idea for this?

Bob Scheffler

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