[vlc-devel] Extras/contrib gettext package and VLC -- Cygwin workaround.

Mark Moriarty mfmbusiness at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 15 02:12:54 CET 2006

I've done multiple builds of extras/contrib's gettext, and tried
reinstalling gzip and tar several times.

No matter what, the 
autopoint -f  
line in bootstrap, when it reaches the 
gzip -d -c < "$gettext_dir/archive.tar.gz" | (cd "$cvs_dir" && tar xf -)
Line in autopoint , ends up generating:

+ autopoint -f
tar: Skipping to next header
tar: Archive contains obsolescent base-64 headers

gzip: stdin: invalid compressed data--crc error

gzip: stdin: invalid compressed data--length error
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
Copying file ABOUT-NLS

And skipping to the aclocal line of bootstrap.  It is not creating the intl
directory in the trunk.

I tried commenting out the
rm -rf "$cvs_dir" "$work_dir"

Line at the bottom of autopoint, and could see that the cvs_dir and work_dir
are, indeed, both missing an intl directory.  Therefore, when autopoint
executes the part of copying files from $work_dir/archive, there is no intl
there to be copied.

As a workaround, in the extras/contrib/shared/gettext directory, I made the
following mod to autopoint.  At line 417, immediately following a "fi", I
#MFM addition
cd "archive"
mkdir "intl"
cd "intl"
for file in `find "$gettext_dir/intl" -type f -print | sed -e
"s,^$work_dir/archive/,," | LC_ALL=C sort`; do
  cp "$file" .
cd ..
cd ..

The above is indeed ugly, hackish, it simply forces the creation of the intl
directory in $work_dir, and populates it with the files, which will then be
properly moved to the vlc trunk's root level.

Beats me what else to do.  Trax, at least, seems to get a clean Cygwin
build, but his bootstrap output looks nothing like mine, contains multiple
other output lines during the bootstrap.
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