[vlc-devel] Re: Is there a way to force PES alignment to a TS boundary when Streaming UDP?

Robert Scheffler Bob at pricom.com
Thu Mar 16 04:52:44 CET 2006

>> Making a device/program that is incompatible with 99.98% of all
>>streams seems like a bad idea to me.
Bottom posted:
Let's just say there are many good reasons that makes it in my best interest
to stream to this device. It may be abnormal and strange, but I really can
not change that. If this can be adjusted inside VLC, then it is a possible
connection. If it can not be done in VLC, then I am stuck and will have to
try going a different way. Most professional hardware MPEG-2 encoders
(Harmonic, GI/Mot, Optibase, and Ligos) can be set to send "aligned", and
can feed this device fine. But all of my consumer capture cards and VLC will
not send the format that this server likes.

I will send the response from the developer when I get it. I will see if I
can capture the problem but since it seems to be random in time, I will have
a tough road to capture with Ethereal.

If there is help, please offer it, if not, thanks for the time anyway.

Bob Scheffler

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