[vlc-devel] http-Interface and PHP

Peter Wendorff wendorff at uni-paderborn.de
Sat Mar 18 19:19:10 CET 2006

A few months ago I asked the first time:
What's the matter with connecting the http-Interface with PHP and other 
common web-languages?
I read the MailingList permanently, and at the moment there are a lot of 
messages regarding changes at the http-Interface, which would such 
simple, if it can be done in php or something else.
An API for using VLC with PHP would make it very simple to connect VLC 
with Databases for local media - so I plan to write a 
network-administrated Music-Player for the living-Room, so that everyone 
in the flat can administrate Playlist etc from his own PC.
But the standard-http-interface is not the thing I wish.
So - isn't it less difficult to make an API for PHP and using it for the 
interface than using C?
I would participate in developing the http-Interface, but I don't have 
the time to learn C therefore.
Peter Wendorff
Student, Paderborn, Germany

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