[vlc-devel] vlc: svn commit r14835 (dionoea)

Subversion daemon svn at videolan.org
Mon Mar 20 02:32:11 CET 2006

r14835 | dionoea | 2006-03-20 02:32:11 +0100 (Mon, 20 Mar 2006) | 4 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/share/http/dialogs/input
   M /trunk/share/http/dialogs/mosaic
   M /trunk/share/http/dialogs/sout
   M /trunk/share/http/js/functions.js
   M /trunk/share/http/js/mosaic.js
   M /trunk/share/http/js/vlm.js
   M /trunk/share/http/style.css

* add "fake:" input
* vlm fix. change "input :foo=bar :foo2=bar2" into vlm compatible option handling
* mosaic fix. always enable transcode when using an sout chain

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