[vlc-devel] IBM / Baylor Project Questions

Josh Marshall catchjosh at gmail.com
Sat Mar 25 09:02:29 CET 2006

To whomever can offer assistance;

I am working with Baylor University and individuals with IBM on a  
streaming project. We have successfully streamed HD content from one  
city to another, however, I need information for the post-experiment  
write-up, as well as potential development updates / feasibility as  
we'd like to pursue a VLC-based process solution paper for others  
imitating / recreating what we have done.

Since I am personally not a coder, I cannot, unfortunately, delve  
into the code myself, and instead of bringing in external coders to  
hunt through the code and try to find what it is I'm asking, I  
figured it would be easier to go straight to the source.

My first question is this: When VLC opens a stream (particularly, an  
MPEG 2 transport stream), and I wish to stream based on RTP, I am  
given the only option of RAW encapsulation in the GUI (and that is  
the option I run with in the command line.) In the manual it states  
that RAW provides no encapsulation, but when I open a stream at the  
other end I am told it is an MPEG 1 based stream. I am not  
transcoding and I have not set any other options, especially none  
that are based in MPEG 1, so I am wondering if someone can give me  
the exact processing and packet specifications on VLC's RTP  
implementation (with regard to the RAW encapsulation), so we can be  
sure of the process VLC is using when streaming.

My second question is this: Is there any plan (or perhaps current  
method) to adjust the output SDP file created when streaming over  
RTSP? There are some values I would like to adjust and add to the  
file to increase compatibility with various media players / VJ  
applications, and right now I'd have to set up a secondary streaming  
server to adjust that file as far as I can tell.

My third question is this: Is there any plan currently to implement a  
Firewire based capture method into VLC's structure for the Mac OS X  
version? I have obtained a third-party module that was supposed to  
add this functionality, however we could not manage to get it to  
work. I would assume (probably erroneously) that a Firewire  
implementation, in conjunction with the Firewire SDK that Apple  
provides on their developer site, would be easier than some  
implementations due to the amount of sample applications and  
processes that are in the SDK. Specifically, I'm asking regarding  
DVHS / HD Cable Box capture MPEG 2-based standards. If there is not a  
current plan, is there any angelic soul who would be interested in  
donating some time helping us to hack together a solution based on  
VLC and the Firewire SDK? (I sincerely doubt that anyone has that  
sort of time, but I figured it would not hurt to ask.) Again, I know  
there is a module implementation (that doesn't seem to work) floating  
around on the internet, so perhaps that might provide a kick-start.

I hope I have clearly communicated my questions, and I certainly hope  
this has been posted in the proper mailing lists. If there are  
already answers to these questions, you can just send me forwards or  
URLs and I'll be on my way. Thank you very much for your time.

Josh Marshall
with Baylor University

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