[vlc-devel] VLC and WMS, RealServer, HelixServer

Viktor Kompaneyets vato at wnet.ua
Sat Mar 25 12:41:24 CET 2006

We're workin on a large scale streaming project and using VLC was very

But, currently we need to stream VLC-produced content with Windows Media
Serveices and Real(Helix)Server.

There are no problem, when we use MPEG based streams and SDP(unicast and
multicast). But, getting source from VLC with WMS or RealServer for
WindowsMedia encoded streams for unicast is currently impossible. And using
WindowsMedia Encoder is not an good idea, because of lack of remote control

Some times ago  Derk-Jan Hartman asked me for my research (very short) in
Realserver->WinmowsMedia Producer protocol, when RealServer pulls stream
from encoder. I guess, that in mean time we will have an working solution. 

But, here I can propose another VLC application - emulating AV device with
network streams.

Idea is wery simlpe - VLC can catch and decode probably any type of network
media streams and should only have an WDM - driver as output device for
further use with any type of prorietary streams encoders or players. Such
solution can produce more streams from one PC, than with use of proprietary
encoders and capturing software. As an example - transcoding PS from DVB
card for publishing purposes on WindowsMedia Services. 

Is there anybody, interested in such solution too? 

Or, as opposite - maybe anybody can propose any other solution to get VLC
working with RealServer/WMS in unicast? (pull mode)

Viktor Kompaneyets
Wnet project manager

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