[vlc-devel] Question about libvlc_playlist_play() usage

Michael Pujos pujos at audemat-aztec.com
Tue May 16 10:37:35 CEST 2006


I'd like to know more about the option array of string of this function.
What kind of options can you put in here ? For example if you're playing
a dvb URL can you specify such things as --dvb-frequency, --program, etc ?

 * Start playing. You can give some additionnal playlist item options
 * that will be added to the item before playing it.
 * \param p_instance the instance
 * \param i_id the item to play. If this is a negative number, the next
 * item will be selected. Else, the item with the given ID will be played
 * \param i_options the number of options to add to the item
 * \param ppsz_options the options to add to the item
 * \param p_exception an initialized exception
void libvlc_playlist_play( libvlc_instance_t*, int, int, char **,
                           libvlc_exception_t * );

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