[vlc-devel] Re: PATCH: Add/Change x264 options

Dennis van Amerongen Dennis.vanAmerongen at nob.nl
Tue May 16 21:41:13 CEST 2006


I've attached an improved version of the patch for x264 which includes
new options alpha:beta params for the deblocking loopfilter, quiet mode,
higher subme value (upto 7), (no) dct-decimate and auto mode for direct
MV prediction.

Changes to defaults include spatial for direct MV prediction and
"normal" mode for analyse ("slow" uses additional b8x8 but B-frames are
not used by default and "all" uses additional p4x4 which is only really
usable at lower resolutions such as less than 352x288).

This version replaces the one from 20060403 on the mailing list which
has not been committed yet. Also the CPU_CAPABILITY flags that were
removed in the previous patch are now kept.



> Passing of CPU_CAPABILITY flags is removed as was suggested by 
> pengvado (#x264dev) since the x264 lib already detects this by itself.
 I think we do this to be able to use VLC options: --disable-mmx|sse|...
(If so we should probably keep that part)


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