[vlc-devel] Problem with exec(), system() popen() of VLC

Michael Pujos pujos at audemat-aztec.com
Wed May 24 15:08:42 CEST 2006


I want to launch vlc in a C program using either system(), fork()/exec() 
or popen and
in all cases I have the same problem:

All of these functions are waiting for VLC to return, but it never 
returns and my program can't continue.
Even launching VLC with -d (daemon) do not work. Theproblem I believe is 
the parent process is waiting for a signal from the
child with wait(), but that signal never arrives.

In fact I want this call to return:

system("dvbstream -f 490000000 -rtp -o 8192 | vlc - -d -I dummy  
--program 260 --sout '#standard{access=http,mux=ts,dst=:3001}'");

forget dvbstream, that isn't the cause of the problem.

Any idea to make this work would be greatly appreciated. I already tried 
a lot of things like -d or adding a '&' without success and everything
I could think of using exec / popen.

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