[vlc-devel] why won't the bitrate on sout match the incoming bitrate?

Ricardo Kleemann ricardo at americasnet.com
Wed Nov 1 06:25:25 CET 2006


For sometime I've been having a hard time getting VLC to behave the way I 
assume it's supposed to behave. At first I thought it was because I was 
transmitting between VLC and another program, but I'm getting the same 
behavior between 2 VLC sessions.

Here's what I have:

1. VLC 0.8.5 on windows, playing a wmv2 file, and streaming out to a local 

2. VLC 0.8.6-test1 on linux, pulling the stream from the windows computer 
above, and doing NO transcoding:
/usr/local/bin/vlc -vvv mmsh://<ip:port> --sout 

The original file being streamed on windows is 768Kbps, and I'm transcoding 
it locally to 128.

When I play the file streamed via sout from linux, the total bitrate is 

I'm not transcoding on linux, I'm just broadcasting the stream directly as 
received. I have tried many combinations but always the same thing happens.

Why doesn't this work?


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