[vlc-devel] Cygwin Confusion continued...

Mark Moriarty mfmbusiness at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 3 23:09:11 CET 2006

Just for fun, I went back to check my extras/contrib directory.  In src/ I
actually see both gettext-0.14.6.tar.gz and gettext-0.16.tar.gz, neither of
which, of course, match the gettext version indicated in my prior e-mail.

1)  It looks like VLC is building against the gettext contained in my main
Cygwin installation, rather than going to the extras/contrib version.  What
needs to be done to tell the VLC build process to actually use
extras/contrib if the files are there?
2) Why/how would I see two different gettext tars in extras/contrib?  I
really did do kill-and-fill, just two days ago, full structure deletion.
Did someone just jump gettext that gets DL'd in extras/contrib by two
3) Does anyone have any clue on fixing the tar problem that has been
floating around for ages?  Perhaps that would go away if (1) above were


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