[vlc-devel] [PATCH] Hotkeys section of the user manual

D D zizazze at yahoo.ca
Sun Nov 5 07:35:15 CET 2006

Hello VLC team,

Here is a proposed patch for the Hotkeys section of the VLC user manual.
The contents of the attached file hotkeys_manual_patch.tar.gz are:
 basic-use.xml: This is a new version of www.videolan.org/doc/play-howto/src/en/basic-use.xml. I added a subsection about the jump hotkeys.  I also added descriptions of how hotkey's modifier keys are displayed and changed under Mac OS X.  Also, I changed window names to be in italics instead of in quotes (for consistency with elsewhere in the manual), and made some other minor changes to the existing text.
 basic-use.xml.diff: Output of "svn diff basic-use.xml".
 intf-wx-hotkeys.jpg: This replaces 
 www.videolan.org/images/documentation/play-howto/intf-wx-hotkeys.jpg, which is out of date. (For example, the navigation menu on the left hand side of the Preferences panel no longer looks like that.) 
 intf-wx-hotkeys2.jpg: This is a new screenshot which illustrates changing the jump length.  It should be copied to www.videolan.org/images/documentation/play-howto/intf-wx-hotkeys2.jpg.
 intf-wx-hotkeys.png, intf-wx-hotkeys2.png:  I noticed that using PNG instead of JPEG saved 12 kB for each file and eliminated the JPEG compression artifacts that are visible around text.  I have included PNG versions for comparison, if you are interested.
Here is why I think adding a subsection about the jump hotkeys to the manual is a good idea.  (I'll repeat what I said in the email I sent to vlc-devel a month ago.) Forum posts suggest that some users are not aware of the jump hotkeys, but they are quite useful.  I think they are the only way to drag the playback position around when in full-screen mode, and holding down a jump back hotkey is VLC's equivalent of a rewind button. Here are the forum posts I am thinking of:
 Also, I didn't know about the jump hotkeys until I happened to come across one of the above forum posts.
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