[vlc-devel] patch for msec-seek feature

Igor Helman punkigor at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 10 00:37:17 CET 2006

Hi Everyone,

I needed a feature of VLC to have the VLM be able to
jump to a particular point based on time, not on
percentage. I added the feature to the vlm.c file that
basically parallels the "seek" command but with a
millisecond as the argument. This works in both the
web interface and the telnet interface, and I have
built and tested it on Win32 (but it will work on

See post:

I've sent these patches out before, but realized they
were in the wrong format. Here's the proper diff for
the trunk.

Also, if possible, it would be great to have it
applied to the 0.8.6 branch as well. It's a very small
section  that only affects one file, and is very
similar in  implementation to the regular "seek"
feature, so the risk posed is very small. It would
help us alot with
our current project as we're most likely going to
use 0.8.6 since it will be out sooner than 0.9.0.

Thanks you.

Igor Helman
punkigor at yahoo.com

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