[vlc-devel] Re: [PATCH] activex

Dugal Harris dugalh at protoclea.co.za
Fri Nov 10 09:51:08 CET 2006


How stable is the current activex code or are there still big changes 
planned?  I want to re-add the same changes from my previous patch to 
the latest code.  Is now a good time to do that?


Damien Fouilleul wrote:

> Dugal,
> Thanks for your excellent patch, as I am currently in the process of 
> adding new functionality to the ActiveX plugin, it might take a little 
> while before I add it to the repository, but it will definitely make 
> its way there
> Damien
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>> Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2006 11:53:39 +0200
>> From: Dugal Harris <dugalh at protoclea.co.za>
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>> Subject: [PATCH] activex
>> Hi
>> I have added some features to the activex component and fixed a 
>> couple of problems relating to the BUILD_LOCALSERVER option.  The 
>> feature additions include an extra IVLCControl method to display/use 
>> wxwidgets dialogs and a new "video filter" event that allows video 
>> filters to raise events in the hosting application.  I have also 
>> written a small OpenCV video filter "framework" that allows filters 
>> to use the OpenCV library and generate events.  While this is 
>> probably not relevant to most VLC users, I imagine the OpenCV 
>> community would be interested.  I will submit this video filter code 
>> as a separate patch shortly.
>> The axvlc local server (with BUILD_LOCALSERVER) can be also be used 
>> as a DCOM server i.e. accessed remotely by mutliple clients.  There 
>> were a couple of problems with reference counting and connection 
>> points when the axvlc code was used in this manner which I have 
>> fixed.  The Makefile must still be changed manually to build the 
>> local server.
>> Attached is the patch and a summary of the changes.
>> Regards
>> Dugal
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