[vlc-devel] Questions on building using pre-compiled contribs package on Cygwin

Mark Moriarty mfmbusiness at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 12 16:46:30 CET 2006

A couple of oddities that I've run into, using the following startup:
  ./bootstrap && \
  PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/win32/lib/pkgconfig \
  CPPFLAGS="-I/usr/win32/include -I/usr/win32/include/ebml" \
  LDFLAGS=-L/usr/win32/lib \
  CC="gcc -mno-cygwin" CXX="g++ -mno-cygwin" \
  ./configure  --build=i686-pc-cygwin \
      --disable-gtk \
      --enable-nls --enable-sdl --with-sdl-config-path=/usr/win32/bin \
      --enable-ffmpeg --with-ffmpeg-mp3lame --with-ffmpeg-faac \
      --with-ffmpeg-zlib --enable-faad --enable-flac --enable-theora \
      --with-wx-config-path=/usr/win32/bin \
      --with-freetype-config-path=/usr/win32/bin \
      --with-fribidi-config-path=/usr/win32/bin \
      --enable-live555 --with-live555-tree=/usr/win32/live.com \
      --enable-caca --with-caca-config-path=/usr/win32/bin \
      --with-xml2-config-path=/usr/win32/bin \
      --with-dvdnav-config-path=/usr/win32/bin \
      --disable-cddax --disable-vcdx --enable-goom \
      --enable-twolame --enable-dvdread \
      --enable-real --enable-realrtsp --enable-qt4 \
      --disable-mkv \
      --disable-caca \
      --disable-galaktos \
      --disable-skins2 \
      --enable-wxwidgets \
      --enable-quicktime \
      --enable-optimizations  --enable-release \

checking for libmpeg2.a in
                Do I need some kind of --with-mpeg2-path statement to tell
it to use usr/win32?

configure: checking for mpcdec/mpcdec.h... yes 
configure: WARNING: only static linking is available, you must provide a
               What, pray tell, is a gme-tree?  Do I need one? 

checking for libgoom2.a in /home/mfm/vlc-trunk/./extras/contrib/src/goom...
               Another case of why-is-it-going-to-extras/contrib?

checking for wx-config... /usr/win32/bin/wx-config
checking if $CXX accepts -fpermissive... yes

  Warning: No config found to match: /usr/win32/bin/wx-config --unicode
           in /usr/win32/lib/wx/config
  If you require this configuration, please install the desired
  library build.  If this is part of an automated configuration
  test and no other errors occur, you may safely ignore it.
  You may use wx-config --list to see all configs available in
  the default prefix.
             Is the pre-compiled contribs wxwidgets not correct?  

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