[vlc-devel] mp4 partial recording

Hakan Yilmaz yedekhesap34 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 13 15:45:07 CET 2006

  I am trying to record 60 minutes of a TV channel continuously into mp4 files using VLC. I have changed mp4.c file so that it closes mp4 file after 60 minutes and opens a new mp4 file for the next 60 minutes. However, the first mp4 file is fine but the others could not be opened by video player. Can you help me in this situation what I am doing wrong.
  For closing and opening mp4 file I am using Close and Open functions of mp4. 
I have changed them slighlty and make my own CloseFile and OpenFile functions. But the difference of new CloseFile function to Close function is very small.
  Can you help me why the other files couldn't be played by media player?
  Best Regards,

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