[vlc-devel] moz plugin plays deleted playlist entry

Tavin Cole tc5742 at adamantsystems.com
Sat Nov 25 00:52:23 CET 2006


the following problem applies to 0.8.6 test2a, and as far as i can 
recall i saw the same behavior with 0.8.5.

i am driving the moz plugin from javascript in such a way that it starts 
with nothing to play at all.  i use add_item() and play() to get it 
started with one item.  so far so good.

i then check isplaying() every 200ms or so until it stops playing.

when it stops, i call clear_playlist() just to be sure, and the debug 
output says that it is deleting the item from the playlist.  i then do 
add_item() and play() again, and it starts playing the deleted item!

after that, it plays the item it should have been playing.

this repeats indefinitely;  it always plays the old item before the new 
one with each repetition, right after it says it deleted that item.

interestingly, if i call clear_playlist() WHILE IT IS PLAYING and then 
do add_item() and play(), this problem does not occur.

can anyone suggest a work-around?


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