[vlc-devel] Audio Mixing Plugin

Ehren Jarosek ejarosek at renovosoftware.com
Mon Oct 2 19:29:36 CEST 2006

I am looking to develop an audio mixing plugin associated with mosaic
feeds which would allow all audio streams from the mosaic to be mixed
together into a single audio stream to be sent along with the video
mosaic stream.

The reason we would want this (vs sending the audio streams as
selectable) would be for video conference applications (so that we could
watch a feed where people are talking to each other as a single stream).

Anyway, I have not been able to determine a way of doing this with the
existing plugins and was wondering if I could get some guidance as to
where to begin.  I have looked over the API documentation for sound
plugins and am not sure what type I would need to develop.  From
watching the verbose debug logs I can see that the existing mixer
plugins seem to be used exclusively when outputting sound to a device
(sound card) and are applied to a single audio feed.  Where would I need
to insert the mix login into the plugin path and what type of plugin
should it be?

I have developed test control plugins so I do have some idea of the
architecture needed for creating a plugin.

Thank you for any help,


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