[vlc-devel] Re: [PATCH] New RTSP client module

Derk-Jan Hartman hartman at videolan.org
Mon Oct 9 21:54:27 CEST 2006

On 9-okt-2006, at 18:22, Florent Audebert wrote:

> On 10/8/06, Ross Finlayson <finlayson at live555.com> wrote:
>> >>Just curious, would it have been possible to implement it in  
>> live555
>> >
>> >I tried few hacks on Live555 and managed to play a stream with our
>> >manager. Unfortunately, seeking wasn't working and I probably broke
>> >compatibility with other servers.
>> Can you tell me what, specifically, about your 'manager' (by which I
>> presume you mean 'server') does not work with the original LIVE555
>> RTSP client code?  If your server is behaving in a
>> standards-compliant way, then I will see what can be done to update
>> the LIVE555 code to work with it.
> I could'nt try with the lastest release (2006.10.07) since it was
> segfaulting with VLC and finally used the 2006.03.16. I got a similar
> error message with mplayer.

wow. that's quite old.

> The issue seems to concern the SETUP resquest. There's a trailing
> slash at the end which leads to a 404 error (see attached file).
> I edited setupMediaSubsession() method (near line 860 from
> RTSPClient.cpp) and removed 'separator' argument from sprintf. After
> that my stream was playing smoothly.
> Pausing and seeking were'nt working but I guess VLC isn't handling it
> yet and that's not Live555 related.

Looks like an aggregate vs. non-aggregated mode issue.
If you setup a stream, I can easily take a look to see what's special  
about the streams.


> I've also modified my previous patch according to different comments I
> got. It seems to work quite well now (Linux / Win32). Slider isn't
> perfect, I added a small hack avoiding strange behaviour with
> wxWidgets interface.
> I totally understand issues concerning code duplicity. My RTSP client
> implemention isn't generic and complete at all, it's only adapted to
> our server. Same goes for seeking and pausing features.
> If you think subversion integration isn't possible we'll stick with
> our own module and try to provide it to our dev/clients. Would be nice
> at least if Live555 could play our streams.

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