[vlc-devel] Anyone know how to update extras\contrib patch files?

Mark Moriarty mfmbusiness at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 13 03:16:04 CEST 2006

Anyone good with how to generate patches for extras\contrib?
I'm still hitting this problem with trying to compile extras\contrib on
cygwin -- libgcrypt is erroring out.
For my personal use I end up having to edit random.c, insert #undef
at line 42, but it would be vastly preferable to have the patch
automatically do this in libgcrypt's config.h.
Similarly, building libxml from extras\contrib continues to error out on
Cygwin.  I believe the patch recommended by someone yesterday should do the
job -- I manually edited my xmlmodule.c to add the recommended lines.
(God, I'd like to get a clean build on Cygwin again -- things seem to have
really gotten whacky, I can't get it to build worth a darn now.  I've tried
reinstalling Cygwin twice, checked the Cygwin compile documents for any new
gotchas, tried both by building from the precompiled Win libs as well as
building extras\contrib myself, no joy.  If anyone has a clean set of Cygwin
distribution files, stuff that actually builds the current trunk, I'd
appreciate a link to their location.)
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-- Got it I think

I ran into this on the Web: 
"Solution: Make it explict with #UNDEF HAVE_TIMES in
$objdir\i686-pc-mingw32\libiberty\config.h, because it doesn't exist on

The above was for another app that was generating the same error as I ran
into with the VLC extras/contrib/libgcrypt make.

I ended up adding #undef HAVE_GETTIMEOFDAY 
To my libgcrypt config.h, and it now compiles (apparently something awry in
the Cygwin distribution) 

Can something be added to the patches for extras/contrib, that will sense if
it's mingw, and if so do the undef in the config.h generated for libgcrypt,
else in random.c, at line 42 toss in a similar exlusion (so you don't invoke

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Nobody has a clue on this one? 

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