[vlc-devel] Re: SuSE Maintainer

Jean-Baptiste KEMPF jb at via.ecp.fr
Fri Oct 13 22:39:41 CEST 2006

Hello !

On Fri, Oct 13, 2006, Dominique Leuenberger wrote :
> As I've read on the website, you're looking for a SuSE RPM maintainer.
Yes, that is still right since we had some offers but it never ended to

> Up to now I'm packaging different games (supertuxkart, UFO:AI and
> blobAndConquer) and I would also have some time to package VLC too.
> If you're interested, let me know.
We are interested. 
VLC is not so easy to compile, but we are free to help you.
The best way to discuss with us would be to come to our IRC channel:
irc.videolan.org #videolan. 

Thanks a lot for the offer,

Best regards,

JB Kempf

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