[vlc-devel] [vlc] Software and Hardware Requirements for State-of-the-Art Research in Multiview Streaming, using VLC as a tool

Ustun Ozgur ustunozgur at gmail.com
Fri Oct 13 23:15:36 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I am currently studying for a masters degree at Bilkent University, Turkey  
at the electrical and electronics engineering department, working on  
telecommunications. We plan to work on a project to set up an end-to-end  
streaming system, and learn all the in and outs, so that we could use in  
our further studies like stereoscopic or multiview coding. (Our university  
is currently leading the 3D-TV project, see  

To this end, I have decided that VLC, being open source and powerful, is  
appropriate as a tool in our studies; so I will start studying the code  
and hope that I might be contributing to the project as well, not just as  
a free software enthusiast, but also as a professional.

I have two questions for especially the main development team, regarding  
the development of the software.

1. It seems that GNU/Linux is the preferred OS on which the development is  
being continued (although I have read the compiling how-tos and saw that  
compiling under Windows is possible.) My question is this: Does the  
development team as a whole prefer GNU/Linux ? Another aspect to my  
question is the problem that some of the hardware we own has only Windows  
drivers (so I am told), so that some instructors of mine have suggested  
that I should prefer Windows; so I am confused. If I develop on GNU/Linux  
and cross-compile, would I be able to manage to use those hardware?

2. My second question is regarding hardware. We currently have a budget of  
6400 Euro's for buying a powerful computer; so that we can easily carry  
out experiments without even the need for DSP's or like; i.e., we plan to  
setup an end-to-end system for real time streaming of multiview video (so,  
maybe we might acquire a pair of 120 fps device, and configure them to get  
a 3D-ish video.) So, what are your thoughts on such a computer? Should we  
buy a single, powerful one, or a cluster maybe? Personally, I have never  
used such a computer, and thus am not in a position to judge whether it is  
worth, especially after reading the reviews about the new Core 2 Duo  
processors, which from my ignorant view of the issue seems as if they  
would suffice. Any suggestion is highly welcome.

Thanks in advance, and hi once again. I hope I might, in the future, be a  
developer too and help you.


Ustun Ozgur

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