[vlc-devel] [PATCH] OpenGL video output module

Thomas Texier sharkone at en-mousse.org
Fri Sep 1 16:48:04 CEST 2006

<SharkOne> hi everyone
<SharkOne> any vlc developer i can talk to ? I got a little patch to propose
<xtophe> well i've just seen that vprintf is not in it
<xtophe> thresh: but maybe it should
<Cope^> thresh?
<xtophe> SharkOne: just speak
<SharkOne> well i modified the opengl video output module
<SharkOne> to expose a few new parameters
<SharkOne> I had problems with VLC on my mac mini hooked on my tv
<SharkOne> problems were that the tv output of the mini is a bit crappy
<thedj> SharkOne: < --
<SharkOne> either not using the full space of my tv, or using the overscan
<xtophe> thresh: or ask courmisch
<SharkOne> i was missing some on the sides
<SharkOne> so i exposed the position of the 4 vertices used in the opengl
video output module
<SharkOne> allowing to add black bars on the side
<SharkOne> allowing to correct the tv output
<SharkOne> i can now enjoy the full space on my tv
<SharkOne> it's really minor modifications
<SharkOne> and it's totally free performance wise
<thedj> SharkOne: send the patch to vlc-devel @ videolan.org and i will look
at it.

I included the svn diff output of my working copy.

Thomas Texier

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