[vlc-devel] Re: bug - video disappears while adjusting brightness, gamma...

Michael Dale dale at ucsc.edu
Fri Sep 1 19:32:40 CEST 2006

ah.. I don't think this is the same bug at all.. the video plays fine..
it is the playhead control or any indication of clip length that does
not appear during playback of annodex ogg theora http streams that this
bug is trying to address.


Kai Hermann wrote:
> Hello,
> i posted this bug (i think it is one) a couple of weeks ago.
> Since this date i checked if the problem appears only with specific
> files oder filetypes - but it does not matter what kind of file or
> filetype(wmv,avi,mpg...) it is, video disappers everytime with nearly
> the same error:
> main error: no video filter module matched "adjust"
> main error: no suitable vout module
> main error: cannot delete object (590, (null)) with children
> main error: failed to create video output
> This error appears everytime i try to activate the
> brightness/gamma/... controls.
> I am using vlc 0.6.8 svn16391 with windows xp on a amd atholn xp3200+
> machine and i hope that this bug will be fix in the next years ;) -
> because the brightness control is a very great feature.


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