[vlc-devel] New [PATCH] seeking of vlm streams, get vlm stream status, updated Java binings for this

Joerg vlc-ml at aab.noctis.de
Wed Sep 6 16:45:08 CEST 2006

Hi again,

this is the second revision of a patch to retrieve VLM stream status and 
make it available to the Java bindings as well.

Comments are very welcome. The patch includes the changes made in the 
first revision, so you can apply the attached version to the 2006-08-16 
snapshot (should work with SVN head, could someone try?). Please disregard 
the revision number in the patch, it's not correlated to the VLC 


The following modifications are included:

* libvlc_vlm_seek_media
   Seek in a vlm stream

* libvlc_vlm_show_media
   Get the info that "show medianame" provides as string. This is kind-of-a
   hack, but I needed a simple way to get this info without telnet.

* libvlc_vlm_get_media_XXX
   Get the info XXX where XXX is position, time, length, rate, title, 
chapter, or seekable. Uses some macro "magic" to avoid repeating the code. 
The definitions used (not the #define) are identical in libvlc.h, vlm.c 
and vlm-jni.cc (see below).

Java bindings:
  * VlcClient.java
   If there's a textfield for the MRL it should be used.

  * VLM.java
   Added the JNI wrappers for seekMedia, showMedia, and the getMediaXXX 

  * core-jni.cc
   Changes for compilation with cygwin

  * video-jni.cc
   cast from HWND to libvlc_drawable_t

  * vlm-jni.cc
   JNI counterparts for VLM's seekMedia, showMedia, and some macro "magic" 
for the getMediaXXX functions.

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