[vlc-devel] Re: [PATCH] opencv video filter

Dugal Harris dugalh at protoclea.co.za
Wed Sep 6 18:03:07 CEST 2006

Forgot to mention: if this is used with the activex patch from my 
previous mail, the opencv internal filter can raise events in the 
hosting application.

Dugal Harris wrote:

> Hi
> Here is the patch I mentioned in my last mail.  It consists of an 
> opencv wrapper video filter and an opencv example video filter.  The 
> opencv wrapper converts VLC picture_t's into OpenCV IplImages.  These 
> images are then sent to an internal (configurable) opencv video filter 
> for processing.  The opencv example is an example of one these 
> internal filters that performs face detection.  The idea is that 
> OpenCV developers can write their own internal filters, using VLC as a 
> video source/ sink.
> To compile this, you will need to configure with the 
> "--with-opencv-tree" option set to the root of the opencv 
> installation.  This code was written with OpenCV Beta 5 - see  
> http://opencvlibrary.sourceforge.net/ .  The "opencv-filter-name" 
> variable of the opencv wrapper must be set to the name of the internal 
> filter (this is "opencv example" for the example filter).  Face 
> detection is processor intensive, so you will probably need to 
> configure the wrapper filter to scale the video down before sending it 
> to the example face detector.
> Regards
> Dugal

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