[vlc-devel] Re: Status of firefox and/or activeX plugins

Jonas A. Larsen jonas at vrt.dk
Fri Sep 22 12:24:07 CEST 2006

> Yes, it's possible for VLC to mimic other players in firefox, basically
> all it needs is to support the matching set of javascript APIs and HTML
> tags.
> I've thought of implementing a basic set of WMP apis on the mozilla
> plugin, but time is really the showstopper in my case.
> As VLC is now using the NPRuntime APIs to implement JavaScript, it is
> possible to create a hierarchy of javascript objects at runtime, which
> is starting from a root object.
> Therefore VLC can have multiple of those hierarchies and use the root
> object that matches the media player VLC is trying to impersonate to
> talk to the browser.
> All that needs to be done is to create those hierarchies :)
> Actually, VLC already contains an example of those hierarchies, as
> starting from 0.8.6, it will have a brand new set of Javascript APIs,
> but it is also backward compatible with the old APIs in 0.8.5.
> There is a root object for the legacy APIs and a root object for the new
> APIs, VLC chooses the legacy APIs root object by default but it will use
> the new root object if you give the right trigger, which currently is a
> VERSION tag (although I'm thinking of using a mime-type as well)
> I'd welcomed anyone who's willing to code a new hierarchy of javascript
> objects for WMP, Flash, QT, etc... or at the very least document them
> for myself or others to implement
> Damien

Hi Damien that was precisely the answer i was hoping for :)

I wish I could help implement the API's myself. But at least this confirms
my belief that mimicking the other plugins should be possible in a more or
less straightforward manner.

And once again thanks for your impressive work on VLC, in particular the


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