[vlc-devel] Core Dump when Streaming

Nikos Antonopoulos nantonop at orbitech.gr
Thu Apr 5 11:31:18 CEST 2007

Hi everyone,

i've been on this a while and wondering whether anyone has a clue...

I've been using VLC 0.8.5 on Linux Ubuntu Breezy to stream a number of 
sources through HTTP. I'm using H264 and mp3 encoding and ASF encapsulation.
It appears that all is ok for 3-4 days but then at some point i get a 
segmentation fault. I've seen this is down to a 'memory full' case and 
VLC is causing this. VLC allocates memory somewhere which is not freed 
properly... I've been trying to pin this down but i've not gotten 
anywhere really.

Also, i do get many warnings of the type:

"late buffer for mux input (XXXX)"

I do believe these are relevant...

Does anyone have a clue on how i should go about this?? I can't really 
debug this... Does VLC have a memory tracking mechanism or smth? I'm not 
really sure how i can track this leak down......

please help...

many many thnx

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