[vlc-devel] More c++ problems -- QT4

Mark Moriarty mfmbusiness at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 16 05:25:21 CEST 2007

Modules/gui/qt4.hpp exhibits the same problem I've seen in dshow and live555
-- needing to undef size_t and ptrdiff_t before an include <whatever>

For qt4.hpp, I've attached a DIFF showing the new version (recommended
A bigger problem is that some of the automatically generated qt4 files have
the same issue.  Specifically modules/gui/qt4/ui/sout -- sout.h is generated
from sout.ui.  

Whoever the qt4 guru is -- what can be done to force those IFDEF/UNDEF/ENDIF
statements into the .ui resource files?

Sorry to be such a pain, but I've run into the same problems on multiple
machines (home and work), with over a dozen total Cygwin installations using
different sources.  I can generate recommended fixes to normal files, but am
SOL when it comes to that QT4 stuff.

(It makes things difficult, relying on separate executable UIC, RCC, MOC
tools -- those .ui files don't have any obvious way to stuff ifdef/undef
things into them, yet the resulting .h files after going through the
respective compilers need to be changed.  Hopefully whoever has been
championing QT4 knows how to do these good, necessary, things, otherwise
it'll start taking patch files to make the trunk, not just the contribs.)


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