[vlc-devel] [PATCH] HW Pixel Doubling and Backlight-on for Maemo devices

Hiltunen Tapio Tapio.Hiltunen at vtt.fi
Wed Apr 18 09:40:30 CEST 2007


There has been several ports of VLC to Maemo devices. This patch adds some functionality to the x11 video output driver that the Maemo porters may find useful.
These are:
- Hardware pixel doubling: reduces CPU load in case that video
  dimensions are less than half of the display dimensions (800x480 in N770 and N800). Pixel
  doubling is used only in fullscreen mode.
- Keeping backlight on during playback.
It also modifies configure.ac to provide switch --enable-maemo for inclusion of the above capabilities.

The performance of VLC in Nokia N770 is modest: fullscreen playback of a 294x240, 320 kbits/s mpeg2 -coded video with mp2-audio is possible, with only occassional framedrops. When going larger than 400x240, the pixel doubling is unuseful, and unacceptable amount of frame drops will result.
I used ffmpeg and libmad for these tests.

Tapio Hiltunen,
Research Scientist
VTT Mobile Interaction
tapio.hiltunen at vtt.fi

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